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The Boy Who Talked All Day
The Boy Who Talked All Day

The Boy Who Talked All Day

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Shortlisted for the Book Council Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award 2022

Suggested for ages 3 and above


There once was a boy who loved to talk all day long. He jibber-jabbered, chitter-chattered, yakker-yakkered and never stopped!

Until one day…something unbelievable happens.

A charming tale in playful rhyme about the importance of paying attention to our surroundings. The witty, imaginative and whimsical illustrations of The Boy Who Talked All Day will enchant and delight both child and parent alike.

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ISBN: 9789814901925
Format: Hardback
Size: 210mm x 260mm
Pages: 32pp
Published: October 2021 by Epigram Books

Praise Quotes

‘I love the playful rhymes and the lovely illustrations through this lovely picture book, a light and amusing tale!’
— Jaime C @mypreciouzkids

‘A very relatable book to everyone who has a chatterbox at home…’
— Jaime C @mypreciouzkids

‘Utterly delightful, with so many layers of storytelling in the words and pictures, the Boy Who Talked All Day_ is sure to become an evergreen.’
— Eldes Tran, independent editor

‘I’m looking for imaginative storylines to share with my daughter one day. This story and doll are a perfect pair!’
— Robert Gaxiola, expectant father

‘Another great book from Linda Locke, who is focusing all her writing and formidable design skills to deliver amazing reading experiences for kids!’
— Jim Aitchison, author, Cutting Edge Advertising

‘New book added to M’s collection…he couldn’t wait to read it! He immediately grabbed his reading buddy and they enjoyed the book together.’
— @mummyslittlebb

‘This boy is exactly like my little sister…she can talk all day long and won’t even notice a thing around her. I also liked the rhymes in this book! So easy to read and remember.’
— Zara, 10 years old

About the Illustrator

Shermaine Cheong is an illustrator based in Singapore. With a background in graphic design and advertising, she began illustrating in 2017, due to her passion for children’s picture books. She launched See You See Me, her own brand of products, featuring her artwork and designs. Her illustrations—a blend of water-soluble colour pencils, wax pastels and digital paintings—are a spontaneous take of little stories in everyday life.