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Jack Is Curious: Will I Grow Old? (Book 1)
Jack Is Curious: Will I Grow Old? (Book 1)

Jack Is Curious: Will I Grow Old? (Book 1)

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Recommended for ages 3 and above

Jack Is Curious: Will I Grow Old? (Book 1)

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This charming series views the world from the inquisitive eye of a child; each book addresses a question that could baffle many a parent.

Jack is a loveable, cheeky and curious boy who lives in Singapore. One night during story time, he notices wrinkles around Mama’s eyes and starts to worry: "What if I don’t recognise Mama one day? Will you grow old? Will I grow old too?" he asks. Only Mama knows exactly how to answer—unexpectedly.



ISBN: 9789814655248
Format: Paperback
Size: 200mm x 200mm
Pages: 24pp
Published: October 2018 by Epigram Books

Praise Quotes

'T found one hair growing on his leg the other day. He excitedly came to me to say I am growing old like dad.'
— Mummy M

'Jai loved it the first time I read to him. He saw himself (only child, loves trains and TV) and asked me to read Will I Grow Old? the second night because he loves tickles too!'
Mummy Bao

'Last night, Will I grow old made it to the top of Emil’s bedtime story book list.'
Anna Bervander, Designer mother of twin boys

'Paul loves the books. He can relate to the character because he has a dog and is an only child. Also he loves the illustrations and how the story is interpreted, like how the beard is overflowing everywhere.'
Adeline Tan mother of a 5 year old son and illustrator

About the Illustrator

Chloe Chang is an illustrator and animator based in Singapore. She graduated in 2016, with a bachelor of fine arts in digital animation from Nanyang Technological University. Chloe has worked as an animator for PaperplaneCo and is a full-time illustrator. She has illustrated several children’s books for local and international publishers, and her work has been shown in Singapore and Melbourne.